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Eagle Magnum II

Standalone Kiosk

The new Eagle Magnum II design with a modern flat front PCAP Multi-touch. It can be equipped up to 32inch LCD display. This Eagle version benefits from the addition of a secure multi-lock mechanism for the front doors and a larger, deeper, removable back cover and is a standalone kiosk. These enhancements make it suitable for payment applications or the integration of larger peripherals.

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Allgemeine Beschreibung:

  •  Aluminium construction with metal and plastic components
  •  Any RAL color
  • Flexible solution for additional peripherals
  • Fully secured wiring is installed for maximum user safety and kiosk hardware protection
  •  Dimensions: 1550(H) x 590 (W) x XXX(D)mm for 21.5inch variant
  • Dimensions: 1800(H) x 590(W) x XXX(D)mm for 32inch variant

Standard Spezifikation:

  • 21,5“-32“ LCD with PCap Multi-touch
  • Industrial PC in custom configuration
  • The kiosk is available in many different configurations depending on the application


Optional einbaubare Peripheriegeräte:

  • 19“ LCD Monitor mit Sicherheitsschutzglas
  • Zusätzliches Werbedisplay ab 19“, 19“ breit
  • Industrie-PC Intel Core i3 oder i5
  • Metall Tastatur mit Trackball
  • Datenschutzfilter
  • Drucker/Thermodrucker 60 – 210 mm
  • Webcam/Kamera
  • Telefonhörer
  • Verschiedene Kartenleser (Chip, Magnetstreifen, kontaktlos)
  • Barcode-Leser
  • SiteKiosk Internet Browser
  • Große Farbauswahl, siehe RAL-Farbschema
  • Benutzerdefinierte Grafiken
  • W-lan
  • Münzwähler
  • Notenannahme
  • Pinpad
  • UPS
  • Sprecher
  • Hinweis Spender
  • Coin-Hopper
  • Weitere Peripherie auf Anfrage

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